Philosophical blogging is on the rise. It sometimes falls off a bit as well. The Venetian sea-level also rises and falls. As does the price of bread. Not all of these are causally related.

Some philosophical blogs give us well-considered ideas directed at current debates presented in early-draft form. Other blogs are little more than transcriptions of the first thoughts that someone had in a shower, hastily [frantically?] scrawled in the steamed-up mirror before the idea evaporated.

This journal gathers together the thoughts that are seemingly important, but whose time has not yet come. They’re the under-ripe proto-examples that one day might flourish into genuine fully-grown issues, and go on out into the wider philosophical world to make their mark. It’s also a home for those ideas that their owners have outgrown: thoughts that didn’t really make it; thoughts which promised something that was never really delivered. The hope is that by creating a suitable public habitat, these juvenile and deliquent thoughts might become fruitfully adapted and adopted.

The Journal of Half-Baked Ideas is, itself, an incompletely articulated entity. Loosely speaking, the most important qualities of any articles to be published in this journal are that they should:

  • concern philosophical issues of serious academic interest
  • conclude with the following sentence
I have no idea what this shows.