Submission + Subscription

To subscribe to the journal, simply direct your browser to its webpage. You can harvest new articles using an .rss feedreader by clicking the little orange blob that appears in your address bar (or by adding feed:// into your feedreader).

To comment on an article, click on the ‘comments’ tag at the end of each entry. Comments will be moderated and approved by the editorial staff before they’ll appear.

The journal welcomes unsolicited submissions. To submit a half-baked idea to the journal, email the editor’s assistant at the following address:
joehalfbaked [at] googlemail [dot] com

Submissions do not need to be prepared for blind review, but authors should pay close attention to the journal’s goals and the nature of the articles it publishes, which are described on the ‘about’ page. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by anonymous members of the editorial board. Due to the exceptionally high rate of submissions, authors are expected to be exceptionally patient.